Divorce can be one of the most challenging and painful periods of your life. When children are involved, it is even harder. Statistics show that divorce places slightly below the death of a spouse or a child as a traumatic life event.

As a Life-Coach, specializing in Divorce-Coaching, my program is comprised of the invaluable wisdom and experience I gained whilst going through my own divorce, combined with the knowledge I learnt through my Mediation training with the great Forrest “Woody” Mosten and the Spiritual Divorce Certification I received  from the Debbie Ford Institute.

My role as a Divorce-Coach is to offer you compassionate support and guidance, through the challenges of the divorce process.  Whether you are contemplating a divorce, in the midst of your divorce, or the divorce has been granted and you are left asking yourself “what next?”, I guarantee that you will benefit greatly from working with me. 

Divorce is often a time of  turmoil and pain, especially if there has been any form of abuse or betrayal. Change and fear of the unknown is difficult for the best of us. Having to work with your soon to be ex, on formulating a parenting plan, or coming to terms with your new found single life, can often feel overwhelming. I will provide you with the tools and skills necessary for you to make calm and empowered choices, that will have a everlasting positive affect on you and your children's future. 

What better gift to give yourself during this time of conflict and confusion than a Divorce Coach, who can help you gain clarity and confidence, as you courageously take charge of your destiny. I look forward to working together with you, to help you move forward and consciously create the life of your dreams.