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The Way Out

of Codependency & Narcissism Abuse 

Through the Understanding of the 3 Principles


The Way Out

6-Weeks Virtual Program

The next session starts on June 26, 2021, at 10:00am PST. 

I'm excited to be once again offering my 6-week 'The Way Out of Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse through the Understanding of the 3 Principles' program.

               Are you a people-pleaser who negates your own needs to take care of another?

               Do you suffer from low self-esteem and settle for less than you deserve in all areas of your life?

               Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship but find yourself confused as to whether or not you should leave or stay?

That was me before I came across the understanding of the 3 Principles. I am happy to say that I found THE WAY OUT of the old thinking that kept me trapped in the pain of Codependency.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from the negative effects of Codependency or Narcissistic Abuse, I would love to help you find the FREEDOM that I found and that’s available to us all.

Contact me at to set up a COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY SESSION, to learn more about the program and to see if it’s a fit for you. I look forward to meeting you and discovering how I can be of service.

Regular price $245

Early bird special $195 ends on March 27, 2021

Please note that we are keeping the group to a MAXIMUM OF 10 PEOPLE, to ensure that each person feels seen, heard and supported


Each week we will cover a different topic. The format is approximately 40 minutes of presentation, followed by 20 minutes of interactive Q and A. If you prefer, you can email me your questions during the week, and I can address them during our time together. 

Week 1 - Introduction to the 3 Principles. We’ll explore what the fundamentals of the 3 Principles are. I’ll share my story of how coming across this understanding was pivotal in helping me find the way out of a lifetime of suffering from Codependency & Narcissistic Abuse.

Week 2 - What is Codependency? We’ll look at what it means to be Codependent, the causes of Codependency, and how to break free of Codependent Thinking and Behavior. We’ll discuss the myriad of ways in which Codependency shows up in all areas of our life, from our relationships to our careers.

Week 3 - What is Narcissism? We’ll address the three main types of Narcissists from the Overt to the Covert and the Malignant. The Narcissist in your life could be your Partner, Parent, Boss, Sibling, Friend and even your Adult Children. We’ll look at the classic traits of Narcissistic behavior and how to spot the red flags before it’s too late.

Week 4 - Signs You are in a Narcissistic Relationship. We’ll discuss the dynamics of a Narcissistic relationship, from Love Bombing to Gaslighting, to Walking on Eggshells, to Trauma Bonding, the Narcissistic Dance, Flying Monkeys and a lot more!

Week 5 - Should I Stay, or Should I Leave? There’s no judgment; it’s entirely a personal decision. Not everyone chooses to leave their Narcissistic relationship. Whether you decide to stay or go, I’ll share some essential tips on how to mitigate some of the harmful effects of interacting with the Narcissist in your life.

Week 6 - Creating Happy & Healthy Relationships: From the perspective of the 3 Principles, we’ll discuss the elements that it takes to create rich and rewarding relationships with everyone in your life.


I am looking forward to being on this journey with you.


TWO Continuation Program

My 6-Week TWO Continuation Program is exclusively for those who have participated in the first The Way Out of Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse program. This is a small group of no more than 10 participants. It's a Q and A format where each person has a chance to ask questions based on what they are currently struggling with in their lives and their relationships. 

The next session starts on February 20th, at 10:00am PST. 

Early bird special $195 ends on February 15, 2021

Regular price $245

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An eight week online mastermind

with Del Adey-Jones and Andrea Vallely

Next session begins Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 1pm - 10am PST

This is an opportunity to awaken on a deeper level, share our experience with like-minded women, and explore what's possible when we slow down enough to reset, and look in a different direction. 

What’s Included:

8 sessions for 75 minutes each. We will meet Thursdays at 10am PST, 1pm EST

All calls will be recorded and you will receive the recording within 24 hours, so not to worry if you are not able to join us for the live call.  You will have full access to all recordings. 

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We'll explore what is innately within us: our well being, our ability to reset, our creativity, and our wisdom.