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Del Adey-Jones

Insightful Conversations

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As a Principles Practitioner, I serve as a guide to help point you back home to who you truly are at your essence, which is Innate Wellbeing and Healthy Psychological Functioning.

Through a series of Conversations, you will experience Insights which will give you a different perspective on how life really works. This new way of Seeing will enable you to gain a greater sense of Clarity, Balance, Peace, and Love in your life, regardless of your external circumstances.

There are no tools, tricks or skills to implement. No mantras or meditations required. Just a simple understanding of how our experience of life is created from the Inside Out, not the Outside In. 

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Work With Me

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A Spiritual Solution 
to Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse

6-Weeks Virtual Program 
A Spiritual Solution to Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse

I'm excited to be once again offering my 6-week  program, 'A Spiritual Solution to Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse ... through the Understanding of the  Principles' .

               Are you a people-pleaser who negates your own needs to take care of another?

               Do you suffer from low self-esteem and settle for less than you deserve in all areas of your life?

               Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship but find yourself confused as to whether or not you should leave or stay?

That was me before I came across the understanding of the  Principles. I am happy to say that I found THE WAY OUT of the old thinking that kept me trapped in the pain of Codependency.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from the negative effects of Codependency or Narcissistic Abuse, I would love to help you find the FREEDOM that I found and that’s available to us all.

Contact me at deladeyjones@gmail.com to set up a COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY SESSION, to learn more about the program and to see if it’s a fit for you. I look forward to meeting you and discovering how I can be of service.

The next session starts in February, 2022

Regular price $397

Early bird special $347 

TWO Continuation Program

My 6-Week TWO Continuation Program is exclusively for those who have participated in the first The Way Out of Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse program. This is a small group of no more than 10 participants. It's a Q and A format where each person has a chance to ask questions based on what they are currently struggling with in their lives and their relationships. 

The next session starts on February 20th, at 10:00am PST. 

Regular price $245

Early bird special $195 ends on February 15, 2021


An eight week online mastermind

with Del Adey-Jones and Andrea Vallely

Next session begins Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 1pm - 10am PST

This is an opportunity to awaken on a deeper level, share our experience with like-minded women, and explore what's possible when we slow down enough to reset, and look in a different direction. 

What’s Included:

8 sessions for 75 minutes each. We will meet Thursdays at 10am PST, 1pm EST

All calls will be recorded and you will receive the recording within 24 hours, so not to worry if you are not able to join us for the live call.  You will have full access to all recordings. 

Email support with Andi and Del

We'll explore what is innately within us: our well being, our ability to reset, our creativity, and our wisdom.

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The Way Out of Codependency, 6 Weeks Program 

Individual Coaching Sessions

5 Session Package

10 Session Package


Meet Me in Malibu - 3 Day Intensive

Year Long Mentorship Program

Women's Well-Being Mastermind, 8 Weeks Program



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Working together

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About Me

I am a 3 Principles Practitioner, Mentor and Host of “Insightful Conversations with Del Adey-Jones” a weekly live-streaming Show and Podcast featuring some of the most impactful voices in the 3P Community. 

Thanks to my unconventional childhood growing up in the UK, my former career in Hollywood, and my personal challenges including a divorce and raising my two beautiful sons as a single parent, my practice is informed both by the empathy gained from my real-life experiences and my deeper studies of Spirituality and Human Psychology. 

I enjoy working with a wide range of clients, from Teens and their Parents to Recovering Addicts to Top Executives. My specialty is helping my clients recover from Narcissistic Abuse and Codependency issues through the understanding of the 3 Principles. Having had first-hand experience in this area myself, there is nothing more fulfilling than witnessing my clients gain freedom from this toxic relationship dynamic. With my relatable approach to coaching and my commitment to creating a safe space to explore the Inside Out Understanding, I serve a wide range of clients both locally and remotely worldwide.  


To learn more about my coaching, 

book a complimentary 30 minute online  session

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Wendy K.:

Upon recommendation I took Del’s 6 week program about Codependency & Narcissistic Personalities.   At the time I had been deeply struggling through a 3 year relationship with a narcissist and I couldn’t get control over my life.  


After the class had ended, Del took me on as a client and did individual therapy with me for several weeks. 


Del has such an incredible amount of knowledge and I learned more and more from her about the dynamic I was trapped in and what was really happening to me.  


What had the most impact on me was how  she shared her own personal stories.  She showed such understanding and compassion because she herself had lived through incredibly painful times.  I finally felt understood. And each time I sat with her, I could see she was unshakable and her calmness and inner peace just radiated from her.  I continue to think to myself, what a courageous, incredible, resilient and strong woman.  


Del never judged my thoughts or feelings and always helped me find answers and solutions.  She met me where I was every time and just kept walking with me until I was able to take steps on my own.  


Del has been a critical part of my healing.  If it weren’t for her I would still be struggling in a relationship that was crippling me and my life.  


Del, I cannot thank you enough for all the kindness and love you have shown me, for all the strength and knowledge you have given me and for helping me regain power over my life again.  It was not by chance or coincidence you came into my life.  I am so very grateful and thankful and I will carry all your advice and love with me each day as I continue to heal and look ahead with excitement for good things to come.

Jane K.:

'Having had a less than orthodox childhood, and a father that was absent, I grew up with abandonment issues and often chose men that were exactly like my father - narcissistic and unavailable.   I was constantly trying to be ‘who they wanted me to be’ to win their love and approval.  I finally was able to break this cycle with the help of the amazing workshop I took with Del Adey-Jones on narcissistic and co-dependent relationships.  Del is extremely knowledgeable in this realm and creates a safe space to move past these issues without judgment or criticism.  The course is thorough and completely enlightening!  I learned so much.   She allows time for questions and interaction, also sharing literature and her own experiences in a calm and loving manner.  I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to break free of the cycle of choosing narcissistic partners, interacting with narcissistic friends or family members, and for those wishing to become their authentic self in all their relationships moving forward.  The course was invaluable to me'

Sally A.:

'I started to look into the 3 Principles teachings when I was struggling with anxiety. This led me to question various matters in my life, one of these being my relationship. I knew that in the 3 Principle teachings, we are told that 'Thought' creates all our experiences. I was struggling with this, as I was in a relationship that felt abusive, and having compassion for everyone in the situation wasn't helping.


I heard that Del specialized in both the 3 Principles and Narcissistic relationships, so I was very interested in what her take would be. I got in touch, and straight away, Del set up a zoom chat for us. Everything she said seemed to make perfect sense. Del is so open and non-judgmental, and she has an understanding that is so clear, I instantly felt less alone and stuck.


The biggest thing I took away from the program was that it was ok to feel stuck, confused, and not to know what to do. Trusting that our wisdom will guide us if we allow our mind to quieten.

The thing I most liked about the program was the understanding and non-judgment that this could happen to anyone, and we can all become stuck and get ourselves into bad situations, but it doesn't mean we are damaged or must stay there. We have choices'

Brian Williams:

'Del is an incredible coach and has been such a vital part of my healing journey. No matter how off I may feel at the beginning of a session, by the end I am breathing deeper and often smiling. She has an uncanny ability to always guide me back to my center regardless of how big the storm is I may be experiencing. Her calm, empathetic, and loving presence is so soothing and I feel 100% heard and supported when she is listening to me. I cannot recommend Del as a coach enough!'

Susan H.: 

'I recently had the pleasure of listening to Del discussing Codependency and Narcissism. Having lived this, herself made her the perfect coach to bring lots of information to others. 

As I listened to the 6 weekly sessions, many things Del spoke about resonated with myself and a relationship that I was in. Del speaks with a calm, kind, non -judgmental demeanor and can laugh at some of the things that she experienced during her relationships. This was very helpful to me and will be to others too. Thanks, Del.'

Andrea G.:

“This course was beyond my expectations!!! Del provided an explicit explanation to help me better understand narcissistic behavior, which I thought I already knew, with a tender unpacking of co-dependent behavior so that I didn’t feel shame or embarrassment. I also loved the fellow participants and was often surprised by how much I learned from their experiences. The practical tips have already been put to use! I am still on the journey but my behavior has shifted.”  

Cindy L.:

‘I am so grateful that I signed up for Del’s 6 -Week course, “The Way Out of Codependency and Narcissistic Abuse”. It was so enlightening to be in a group with women who are struggling with the same issues, and Del is such an empathetic leader. The course helped me understand a pattern of behavior I had adopted and ways to look at everything differently. My daughters have even said how much positive change they notice.’ 

Kathy L.:

'Andi and Del created an incredible journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.  By sharing their own life experiences and humanizing life's ups and downs it helped me through a challenging time.  I looked forward to each week as I reflected on the prior week! I felt lighter and happier as the weeks progressed.  No matter what stage of life your at, there is always something to learn and take away from these powerful women."  Thank you ladies'

Heather B.:

I wanted to do the programme because I recognized a lot of co-dependency in myself which I think started as a child with a narcissistic mother and then followed the pattern and married a man with a lot of similar characteristics. The programme helped me see some of my own behavior patterns which haven’t been helpful over the years and I am now giving myself permission to recognize when I am uncomfortable with a situation and verbalize my needs more. I have had a couple of conversations with my husband about our relationship and him taking me for granted which had opened both our eyes to the fact that we had been playing out the same patterns for many years.
I felt calm while I was talking to him and I didn’t feel the usual guilt about speaking my needs and maybe making him unhappy or uncomfortable. I know now that he has the same ability to bounce back from low moods and discomfort and it’s not my job to make him happy all the time. Now instead of feeling like I’ve done something wrong or that I need to fix him when he’s had a bad day, I just do my own thing and allow him to come back to balance without me having a though storm about it. It makes life a lot easier.


Insightful Conversations

with Del Adey-Jones

Insightful Conversations, with Del Adey-Jones, is a weekly, half-hour show, that focuses on the Psycho/Spiritual Understanding, known as the The 3 Principles. Tune in each week to meet some of the world’s leading 3 Principles Teachers and Practitioners, as they share how this understanding has dramatically improved the quality of their lives and the lives of those they work with.

There are no tools, tricks or skills to implement. No mantras or meditations required. Just a simple Understanding of how our experience of life is created from the Inside Out, not the Outside In. This new way of Seeing how life really works, enables us to gain a greater sense of Peace, Love and Joy in our lives, regardless of our external circumstances.


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In the Media

The Unashamedly Human Podcast with Jacquie Forde


As we all self isolate in the comfort in our homes some people may not feel safe. This episode has been made for anyone suffering from a mentally abusive partner in this difficult time. Please listen to hear Del Adey Jones discussing the tell tale signs of Narcissism and Codependency and offering hope, structure and signposts to keep yourself safe and safe. Del has also released a 6 week online course to help you too. Please see below. You will be in very safe hands with her as you will hear throughout the podcast.

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Letting go of Our Self-Limiting Stories… so that we are free to look in the direction of our true nature. An evening of insightful conversation on the subject of the Self-Limiting Stories we innocently tell ourselves.   An evening of insightful conversation on the subject of the Self-Limiting Stories we innocently tell ourselves. Whether we are aware of it or not, we often have a habitual story that is running the show. It doesn’t have to be that way. With a simple understanding of how our experience of life is created, we are able to effortlessly let go of the past and...

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