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Caterpillar Soup

"Your time as a caterpillar has expired. Your wings are ready" – John Assaraf

I had the pleasure of having the founder of a “Little Peace of Mind,” Nicola Bird, on my IC show this week. Nicola specializes in the area of anxiety. Before coming across the 3 Principles, Nicola had a twenty-year relationship with anxiety. It started back when she was at University. After graduating, Nicola spent years chasing a high achieving lifestyle, building businesses, emigrating around the world, and trying to raise a young family. She was driven and ambitious, and she thought she had the answer to what it took to create a successful life. Unfortunately, behind the scenes, she was still experiencing major panic attacks and sleepless nights.

In 2013 she hit a wall. Total Burnout. She was barely functioning and decided that it was her job that was causing her suffering. Thinking a career change was in order, she reached out to Michael Neill and signed up for his coaching academy. A few weeks into the course, she noticed her anxiety had miraculously slipped away without her even addressing it. Since then, she has made it her life's mission to help others overcome their anxiety through the understanding of the Principles.

I asked Nicola if she had noticed an increase in her clients' anxiety, given the uncertainty created by the Coronavirus Pandemic. She said she thinks there's was a collective shift in consciousness taking place on the planet. She told the story of when she first came across the Principles. She'd felt like a caterpillar going along doing her thing, when, suddenly, just like caterpillars do when they are about to metamorpihize into a butterfly, she dissolved into “caterpillar soup”. She expressed how she lost her bearings and didn't know which way was up. Nicola feels that's what's happening for a lot of us right now. We are going through a transformation. A letting-go of what we thought we knew while trying to navigate the new terrain we are finding ourselves in.

I love this analogy and can completely relate. Until I came across the 3 Principles, I'd spent most of my life as a caterpillar. Instead of munching on massive amounts of leaves, I consumed massive amounts of information and experiences through self-help books, workshops, spiritual retreats, and therapy. I innocently thought that this would lead to my transformation into a proverbial butterfly.

Coming across the Principles didn't transform me overnight. It has been a long process. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, the financial security I thought I had secured evaporated overnight. We were told to stay home… and stay safe. Once the initial shock subsided, just like the caterpillar, I knew there was a Divine intelligence at work. My home became my cocoon. I stopped resisting “what was” and allowed myself to sink into the unknown. I felt myself dissolving into "caterpillar soup." I allowed old fears, habits, and insecure thoughts to melt away. Slowly but surely, fresh new ideas began to emerge from deep within me. Wisdom guiding me every step of the way.

These last five months have been transformational for me. The 'intelligence behind life' that informs the caterpillar to dissolve into the nothingness so it can reemerge as the beautiful butterfly lies within all of us.

With love and appreciation, Del 💕


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