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Dream It, Dare It, Do It

Photo by Loic Leray on Unsplash

“Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you” ~ Marsha Norma

I had a lovely chat with Jasmyne DesBiens on this week’s Insightful Conversations. Jasmyne is a self-proclaimed Inspiress, certified Transformative coach, 3 Principles practitioner, and host of her podcast “Dream it! Dare it! Do it! Live the life you want!” I was lucky enough to have been a guest on Jasmyne’s show just a few weeks back. I asked Jasmyne where the inspiration for the name of her show came from. She said that since embarking on her career as a coach, she had observed that as we get older, we tend to dream less due to listening to the insecure thoughts in our heads.

I asked myself if this was true for me. Had I stopped dreaming as I got older? I reflected on my life and all the dreams I have had along the way. Dreams which included becoming a doctor, a psychologist, a famous artist, an Oscar-winning costume designer, a mother, a spiritual psychology coach, and 3 Principles practitioner, to name but a few. Some of these dreams came into fruition, while others were discarded along the wayside once I realized that they were not my dreams but my mother’s dreams for me.

As a young girl, I would often escape into my world of dreams to avoid the harshness of my reality. I was barely present, preferring to live in a thought-created fantasy of being rescued by princes or knights in shining armor. Then, I grew older, and my negative self-talk would tell me that I wasn’t good enough and needed to prove myself by some means or another. I dreamt of becoming famous, believing that it would make me happier and more fulfilled.

Like Jasmyne, there was a period in my life when I embraced the Law of Attraction. I would spend hours visualizing a future where all my dreams would come true, convinced that achieving all the things on my vision board would bring me the satisfaction and contentment I craved. While some of the things I envisioned materialized, others did not. I used the latter as proof that I couldn’t even get the art of manifestation right!

Looking back over my life, I would have to agree with Jasmyne. I dream less than I did when I was younger, but not for the reasons you may think. I don’t have fewer dreams and aspirations because I feel jaded, disappointed, or disillusioned by unfulfilled dreams. On the contrary, since coming across the Principles, I love my life. So much so, I don’t feel the need to dream of a different future where I’ll be happier when I get “there.” I have learned to embrace life exactly as it is. To stay present to the beauty that is right here, right now.

That is not to say that I have stopped dreaming. I still dream, but now my dreams have a different quality to them. In the past, my dreams were born from insecurity and a need to prove my self-worth and escape my reality. These days my dreams are light-hearted and whimsical. They stem from the nudges of wisdom. I follow them because they inspire me and light me up, filling me with a sense of joy, purpose, and possibility.

With love and appreciation, Del 💕


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